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  Online English to Portuguese to English Dictionary
Java-powered word translation search.
  English - Portuguese On-line Dictionary
It contains 15,000 terms. Also see travlang's Portuguese-English Dictionary. From the freeware multilingual program Ergane.
  English to Portuguese Dictionary
English to Portuguese Dictionary with useful greetings.
  LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
This is the English - Portuguese version of their Picture Dictionary with link.
Comprehensive index of on-line dictionaries in more than 200 different languages. Includes Portuguese-English-Portuguese.
  online Portuguese English dictionary, thesaurus, translation
Portuguese to English Dictionary. Dictionary, thesaurus, translation.
Provides relevant information, translations and conversions for any word or value. Includes translations from English to Portuguese.
  OneLook Dictionary Search
Look up a word or term in an Internet dictionary or glossary.
  Logos Dictionary
Multilingual E-Translation Portal.
  Translation Links
Compilation of glossaries and other relavant information by J. Roque Dias, a technical translator from English to Continental Portuguese (Portugal). Includes monolingual glossaries, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese and other languages.
  Dicionario Aurelio
Modern dictionary of the Portuguese language.
Eurodicautom is the European Commissions multilingual term bank. Invaluable tool for translators, interpreters, terminologists and other linguists. Provides translations and definitions in 12 languages, including English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English.
  Ectaco Online English-Portuguese Dictionaries
English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English dictionaries. Very comprehensive.
Definition and translations in several languages, including Portuguese-English-Portuguese, automated conjugation of verbs in all inflected tenses, how to write numbers in different languages, and more.
  Priberam Portuguese Dictionary
Continental Portuguese. Dictionary and grammar.
  English-Portuguese Glossaries
  Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in several European Languages
Includes English to Portuguese. 18,884 words.
  International Glossary of Hydrology
In several languages, including Portuguese.
  Finance and International Operations Glossary
English to Portuguese glossary.
  MB Online
Comprehensive glossary of hardware and software terms.
  ConstruMaquina - Glossary
Technical terminology of machines and equipments. English to Portuguese.
  Terms used in TV and broadcasting
Monolingual glossary with some translations from English to Portuguese.
  Turismo online
Tourism related glossary from English to Portuguese.
  Technical glossaries - English
  Stedman's Medical Dictionaries
Free online consultation. Reseller of dictionaries in medicine, nursing, allied-health, and other related professions.
  Medical & Surgical Glossary
Medical transcription and terminology site offers updates of new medical and surgical terms, medical dictionary, A-Z index of new terminology, word lists, sample operative reports, links to the best medical information, etc.

 Find relevant and reliable medical information on common diseases and conditions. Find the
 topic by using the A-Z list.

  WebMD Medical Library
Covers disease conditions, treatments, medical terms, procedures and anatomy. Visit Health Guide A-Z.
MoneyGlossary includes over 10,000 definitions of financial and business terms.
  Bloomberg Financial Glossary
More than 6,000 entries with 15,000 links.
  Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Researched, written in plain language and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime.
  Construction Term Glossary
The construction term glossary has over 12,000 entries making it one of the most comprehensive construction term resource on the Internet.
  Dictionary of Automotive Terms
Search for the meaning of over 15,000 expressions for automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, engines and boats.
   General English Dictionaries and Thesaurus
  The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  Infoplease Dictionary
  The Wordsmyth English Dictionary - Thesaurus
  Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
  Cambridge International Dictionary of English



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